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Justine’s Weight Loss Success

There is nothing more empowering than being confident in your own skin! Unfortunately, I had forgotten what that felt like.

An avid athlete for most of my life, I knew what it took to eat right, exercise and prioritize my health. But after a difficult few years living away from family, feeling unfulfilled with work and a battle with Depression and Anxiety, I looked in the mirror and could hardly recognize myself. I saw a number on the scale I’d never seen before and I did not feel tremendously hopeful that I could gain control of my life again. But then I moved to Annapolis (to be closer to family) and found Dr. Anderson.

From the very beginning, I deeply believed he saw me for ME! Not the “me” who was sitting in front of him that first visit, still depressed and 40 lbs. heavier than I wanted to be, but the “me” that I once was, the one he helped me believe I could become again. In four months, I was down 25 lbs., with very little exercise but an unwavering commitment to the nutrition plan Dr. Anderson recommended for me.

Today, it has been nine months since I began my journey with Annapolis Medical Weight Loss and with the support of Dr. Anderson’s entire team, I’ve even accomplished my stretch goal and lost a total of 45 lbs.! Now I not only feel like the “me” I remember years ago, but I deeply believe I’m the best version of me I’ve ever been- mentally, emotionally and physically.

Come September, I will get to walk down the aisle toward my future husband and I am forever grateful that I get to be this version of me when I become his wife. To Dr. Anderson, you saved me- thank you for believing in me when it was difficult to believe in myself and empowering me to commit to the life I always deserved. To the tremendous team at Annapolis Medical Weight Loss, you made stepping on a scale and talking about something I was previously so embarrassed and self-conscious about, not only bearable, but a true pleasure. And to you sitting where I was just a few months ago, you are not alone. I know this feels scary, if not absolutely impossible, but it is not. You deserve to prioritize yourself because you are worthy of being the best version of you! Please make this call- it could save you, too.

Luella’s Weight Loss Success

I have been a yo- yo dieter for most of my life-  I would lose weight and then gain it back- plus some.  For the past several years, I thought that  I was going to have to just live with being overweight.  Then I started having health issues and was “pre-diabetic”.  I was determined not to be “diabetic” so decided I needed to try something different — which was to work with a medical doctor.  I was 57 years old and did not want to “hurt” myself with losing weight. Annapolis Medical Weight Loss was perfect for me!  Dr. Anderson took some basic blood  tests and worked with my primary doctor to send them the results.   I felt that I was medically safe and that he had my best interests at heart.  I was not just another “number” going in and out of the office.  I felt that he truly listened to my concerns with  weight loss as well as  maintaining my weight.   Together we came up with a customized plan.   We chose the most aggressive plan with protein shakes, 2 snacks and “approved” veggies.  Each visit I was weighed with a special scale so not only could I see what my weight was, but where the fat was disappearing.  It’s a cool program!   I was able to lose 75 lbs within 6 months or so.  I also went from being a “couch potato” to “power walking/slow jogging” in local 5K races!  I have completed 2 races so far and signed up for 2 more!  I walk every day for 60 minutes and guard that time for myself.  I tend to put everyone else first, but decided that I must take care of my health first– otherwise there is nothing left to give.  I’m no longer pre-diabetic or obese! I have more energy.   I went from wearing 2X-3X plus size to a Medium in regular ladies.  Family and co-workers have seen the difference and have already signed up with Dr. Anderson so that they can also transform their lives.  They have seen the same amazing results!  I have kept the weight off using regular food for 5 months now.  I don’t consider myself deprived or “dieting”.  I see myself with a new outlook for healthy living with the help of Dr. Anderson’s support and strategies.  I will continue to see Dr. Anderson to help keep me on track.  He has the tools to help me so that I don’t start the spiral of weight gain again.  There is no judgement– just honest and healthy help!  I highly recommend Annapolis Medical Weight Loss.  Dr. Anderson and his staff are so supportive and they are perfect for someone who has tried every other diet but still struggles with weight.    It’s life changing.  Thank you, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Bottone, Susan, Brenda & Kam!

TJ’s Weight Loss Success

As a former football and rugby player, size and weight were always important – pretty well required – aspects of my physical stature and appearance. So for the longest time, it was almost a contest with myself to see how big I could get, and, of course, while playing and training, that increase was basically healthy and encouraged. Well, after a while, you stop training… but the training table is a hard one away from which to push yourself, and the weight packs on fast.

I’ve struggled with this for the last 15 years and it’s taken its toll. Along the way, I had a heart attack – minor, thank God – and my physical appearance grew less and less athletic. I lost a good deal of weight after the heart attack, but then a divorce steamrolled my motivation and I turned to food for comfort. By the time I finally really understood what I’d done to myself, I’d ballooned – and the term well applies – to 399 pounds, according to my cardiologist’s scale.

I was in Dr. Anderson’s office the very next day – where his scale actually read 386; I count that as my starting weight – at the advice of my cardiologist. Meeting with someone to ask for help losing weight when you’ve become as big as I was is humbling to say the least. You feel like you’ve failed and everyone knows it; guilt and embarrassment don’t begin to describe the myriad feelings running through your head. But Dr. Anderson, Sonya, and Susan put me at ease right away, helping me to begin to understand the real causes and triggers, both physiological and external, that brought me to this point, and encouraging me that I could and would lose the weight.

Still skeptical, especially because you hear about and see all the quick weight loss “program” ads almost perpetually, and with a decent understanding of nutrition and anatomy and physiology (so I should have known better how to take care of myself already, right?), I spoke with Dr. Anderson about the science behind the diet. Without going into specifics, it became clear to me quickly that this was a logical and sound program, and with my intellectual curiosity sufficiently satisfied, we discussed the plan options.

Money can be a scary concept, and this is not a “cheap” program, but when you realize that you have to lose weight or risk losing your life, and depriving your son of a father, you quickly reconcile yourself to the outlay as a necessary investment in your future. By the end of my initial appointment, I had my “groceries”, started the Low Calorie Diet, and haven’t looked back.

As I write this, my weight loss to date is 95.5 pounds… IN 4 MONTHS! I still have a good way to go to hit goal weight, but I’m well past the half-way point and couldn’t be happier. Depending upon your metabolism, you can eat or drink something as many as eight times a day, so there’s always something in your stomach and you keep chugging along, burning calories and fat, at a consistent, sustainable pace. I’m very seldom hungry, but when I am, thanks to this, I’ve learned again how to eat the right kinds of snacks to staunch the hunger and keep me losing. I haven’t had a week yet when I haven’t lost weight! The program is easy to follow and the weekly appointments and weigh-ins help you stay on track by allowing you to interact with the doctor and staff to ask questions and talk about everyday issues you may have and strategies you can use to address them.

I’m regaining the confidence I lost over all those years of looking at a tub in the mirror and have more energy and interest in doing things than I have in a long, long time. My cholesterol, in fact my overall blood chemistry, is back to normal or better and I’m sleeping more soundly than I have in a long time. I get compliments often that I “look fantastic” and constant encouragement that it’s obviously working. This has changed my life and there’s really no explaining how happy I feel again. I can do this, and I will, and you’ll hear from me again when I’m there!

Thanks to Dr. Anderson, Susan, Sonya, and all his staff. There are no words to tell you how much you’ve done for me!

Robin’s Weight Loss Success

CONTROL -There’s nothing like it!

Over the years, my body repeated the same cycle of weight loss and weight gain. I have tried every weight loss program and diet pill, engaged in extreme workouts to meditative yoga, and, when all else failed, found comfort in food

To make myself feel better, I went shopping — buying clothes that fit, in a bigger size. That didn’t help, so I went to my family doctor and told him I needed a change. When he recommended Dr. Anderson at Annapolis Medical Weight Loss, I figured that I would give it a try.

I have had good weeks and not so good weeks, but so far, I have lost over 20 pounds! Prior to the program, I was an emotional food eater; whether happy or sad, food gave me comfort. With the temporary success, yet ultimate disappointment, that resulted from other diet programs, I also felt that I had no will power. Dr. Anderson and his team have been a source of strength, inspiration, and motivation to help me through this process. I now understand that no matter how often I work out or the level of intensity in my workouts, without the proper eating habits, the cycle will continue. I feel great about the weight loss, but most importantly, Dr. Anderson has helped me gain control. No longer do I use food as a coping mechanism; no longer am I controlled by food. I am in control of what I eat; therefore I am in control of my health, my happiness, and my life! Thank you so much Dr. Anderson.

Linda’s Weight Loss Success

My life was going great; I had lost fifty pounds and was working out at the gym on a regular schedule. My family was doing well. I felt so happy, and then it changed forever in a moment.

Our twenty-four year old son had been shot by enemy fire in Iraq and succumbed to his injuries. I sat in my recliner for the next five years, mostly crying and pushing myself to do what I had to do to minimally maintain my home. I had put on twenty pounds. When I started to work on my weight, I would take up to ten pounds off slowly, and then it would creep back upon me

I found out about Annapolis Medical Weight Loss through my surgeon and I went for a consultation. I really felt comfortable and I knew it would work because it was supervised by an actual Physician and the staff was great and encouraging. It was hard for me the first week but I lost five pounds. I was very encouraged and continued. When I came back the second week, the nurse said you seem so happy. I told her I was so tired for so long and required two naps a day but now I had energy and felt so good. I am sure it is the vitamin B-12 shot. I have continued to feel well and have lost almost twenty-five pounds. I am not hungry and can still attend a dinner or party and not gain back any of my weight. I have learned to eat healthier. It is a life style and not a diet. The best thing is I had to give my clothes to my friends and get smaller ones twice so far. I would recommend this plan to anyone because after you get to your goal, they teach you how to maintain your weight.

I no longer have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. And after nineteen years of taking medication for these ailments, I no longer need them. Oh, by the way I am a sixty-one year-old woman. I am proof that we senior citizens can still improve our health and look good too.

Joe’s Weight Loss Success

Hello, I wanted to share this story as a testament to the success I’ve had working the Annapolis Medical Weight Loss program. For the past 30+ years, I have suffered with Obesity and Obesity related Health Issues. At age 57 I was heavier and more out of shape than at anytime during my life.

Dieting on my own always ended in failure, and on three different occasions I tried the Weight Watchers Program but it just didn’t offer me the one on one personal guidance that I so desperately needed.

I learned about the Annapolis Medical Weight Loss program and decided to call and find out more.The receptionist was very helpful and explained how the program worked. After giving it some thought, I asked her to set up a Consultation for me.

It was at that Consultation when I first met Dr. Anderson. He explained the program in full and performed a Health Risk Assessment on me.

Dr. Anderson went over the Health Risk Assessment with me and explained exactly what it had discovered. I immediately knew that I had finally found a program that would work for me.

I decided on the Modified Diet and began working it the following morning. I was pleasantly surprised that the Shakes and Protein Bars tasted great! I diligently stuck to the diet and was rewarded with a 16 lb weight loss after the first week. Now 11 weeks into the program my weight loss totals over 57 lbs and I am now over halfway to my goal of a 100 pound weight loss.

Most importantly for me is that my Health related Issues are now getting better! (High Blood Pressure, Pre-Diabetic, shortness of breath)

I owe so much of my success to Dr. Anderson. He has been so supportive and positive throughout and his enthusiasm helps keep me strong.

I strongly encourage everyone who has tried and failed with other diets to call the Annapolis Medical Weight Loss program.

12 weeks ago I made a life changing decision and I am happy I did. You should consider it as well!

Margie’s Weight Loss Success

My name is Margie, and I found Dr. Anderson at Annapolis Medical Weight Loss through my Ob/Gyn doctor.  I have tried many diets and training programs.  Nothing seemed to work.  I started under Dr. Anderson’s dietary plan and the first week I lost 4 lbs!  The following weeks, while staying disciplined, I continued to steadily lose weight.

Dr. Anderson set up a meal plan for me, monitoring and informing me on my progress every step of the way.  The accountability and encouragement that I received from my weekly meetings with Dr. Anderson, and the support of his wonderful staff, definitely set me up for all the success that I have achieved.

I have lost a total of 22 lbs-  Annapolis Medical Weight Loss has changed my life!


Thank you Dr. Anderson for all your help

Bryan’s Weight Loss Success

Weight gain and weight loss is a struggle for many. I am no exception. It may even be harder for me. I was a skinny kid growing up and never really had to worry about what I ate. I never had to worry about having that second piece of dessert. We are also the generation that grew up on fast food. How much easier could it have been to load up on extra calories? All you had to do was “drive-thru.” So after years of pretty much eating whatever and whenever I wanted, it started showing in my middle section.

When my wife got a wake up call that she was pre-diabetic, I knew she needed to lose weight to be healthier, and I knew I could stand to lose a good 40 pounds myself. Together we came to Dr. Anderson a year ago this March. I lost those 40 pounds and have successfully kept it off now for the past 5 months. My wife lost 85 pounds and has kept it off as well. We are both dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Anderson and his entire professional staff kept me on track with positive encouragement and great weight loss products. Losing weight is never an easy task, but this system was simple to do and worked really well.

Thank you Dr. Anderson for all your help

Laura’s Weight Loss Success

I didn’t have many pictures of myself taken at 259 lbs. I wasn’t a fan of the way I looked. We all have stories of weight gain and weight loss. I am no exception. I was a tall skinny girl who was lucky enough to be able to eat pretty much what I wanted and not gain. My first pregnancy 32 years ago was the beginning of the vicious cycle for me. I gained close to 50 lbs with that child and was surprised that it didn’t magically disappear after delivery.

My first experience into the world of dieting came soon after. Weight Watchers was a good choice then, I lost the weight and kept it off. Then my second pregnancy 2 years later found me in a similar situation, having gained during and needing to lose after. I’ve yo-yo dieted usually gaining and losing 50 or so pounds each time. I had blood work done for a doctor I was seeing regarding peripheral neuropathy, when I got the call telling me I was pre-diabetic it threw me for a loop. I’m a “happy eater”, and was not happy when I heard that. It was Dr. Hexter who gave me Dr. Anderson’s number and with, easily 80 lbs to lose and my husbands support we signed on to become healthy and happy again. My 6 month journey was easy. The shakes were delicious and filling and the snacks tasty and convenient. Dr. A is my idol, as are all the wonderful ladies who support him in the office.

Being overweight and unhealthy is just not good. You can say “I’m going to lose it.” You can say “I’ll start tomorrow.” But you have to commit, you have to want to lose it and Dr. A and team will be there helping you all the way.

Good luck on your journey, it will be well worth it.

Manuel’s Weight Loss Success

Highly recommended.  I was overweight, with declining health- high cholesterol, sleep apnea, borderline diabetes, and depression.  I decided to try Annapolis Medical Weight Loss.  With the help of Dr. Anderson, I was able to lose over 100 pounds and keep the weight off by following the weight loss program that was set up for me.  I no longer have any of those health issues and feel like a new person.

Mary Lou’s Weight Loss Success

I am a 60 year old female who has had trouble losing and keeping weight off. My last attempt was 4 years ago when I successfully lost over 60 pounds by restricting my carbohydrates and increasing my exercise.

Unfortunately, due to medical issues and stress, the weight returned. What worked before wasn’t working now. I am pre-diabetic and have a phobia about having to prick my finger.

I have been coming to Annapolis Medical Weight Loss for years and I highly recommend this program to anyone who has struggled with weight loss.

My TOP-TEN reasons for using Annapolis Medical Weight Loss are:

#10 convenient location and office hours

#9 weekly behavioral material for added encouragement

#8 weekly B12 or LipoB shots, if desired

#7 easy to follow plans (even when travelling) – my plan consists of 21 shakes and 14 snacks/week

#6 weekly printout of weight loss distribution

#5 delicious meal replacement shakes, vanilla is my favorite

#4 tasty protein snacks – brownie crunch bar, cinnamon bar, ranch and barbeque chips, to name a few

#3 caring, knowledgeable and friendly staff

#2 one on one with Dr. Anderson at every appointment

#1 45 lbs in 5 months and still losing!

Linda’s Weight Loss Success

Dr. Anderson

Please accept my most sincere thank you. Your program has changed my life. I can’t even count all my diet attempts throughout the years. I would get close then slip backwards. I was so frustrated. It drove me crazy. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

Thanks to the personalization of your program I now know just how to handle my specific weight challenges. After losing over thirty pounds I feel a level of success that I have never experienced before. After forty years trying and failing I have made it to my goal. My results were so fast I could hardly believe it. I lost as much as six pounds some weeks. It’s easy to stay motivated when you see results like that. I love the way I look and feel. I went from a 14 to a size 6.

I felt comfortable with my quick results because my entire program was overseen by you, a doctor, and your friendly motivating staff. I enjoyed them cheering me on. And I appreciated the appointment reminder calls. I never missed a single appt.

All the products were delicious. I can honestly say I was always satisfied. I believe what made the biggest difference for me was not having to deal with food while learning how to eat. When you are trying to lose weight you are essentially trying to cut back on portion size. But cutting back is hard to do when you feel helpless around food. The shakes make it easy to just focus on weight loss. The weekly print outs showed all my improved health results as well as the details of all my weight loss. All this and I never went hungry.

Thanks to this program I can now say “I know I can manage my weight permanently.”

Average weight loss after 12 months

Males 40 lbs., Females 32 lbs.

Yes, these results ARE TYPICAL for our program

Average weight loss after 12 months

Males 40 lbs., Females 32 lbs.

Yes, these results ARE TYPICAL for our program